Who We Are

The UK Marine Industries Alliance is bringing together all aspects of this diverse sector with the goal of working together to secure the maximum opportunity for the industry to flourish. The Alliance is a free to join strategic collaboration of UK marine companies and related stakeholders.  The Marine Industries Leadership Council set it up on behalf of the industries and all UK companies, trade associations and public sector agencies operating in the marine sector are offered free membership of the UK Marine Industries Alliance and use of its brand identity. The Leadership Council includes trade associations, regional groupings, Government Departments, devolved administrations and other public bodies. 


Structure of the UK Marine Industries Alliance  

The Council 

The Marine Industries Leadership Council and its working groups are formally an “ad-hoc advisory group”, and unincorporated. Members give their time and commitment freely and no fees or expenses are paid. The power of this system is that (at minimal cost) it can manage and orchestrate a unified and comprehensive approach to growth and export for the whole marine industries. The Council generally meets twice a year to review progress on its overall aims, and to review progress reported by working group chairmen. These “theme leaders” are responsible for delivering the strategic objectives. Their groups will meet, identify and solve problems, and report to the Council on successes and on issues that need ministerial attention.

The Council will track performance of the strategy as follows:

  • Aligned to theme plans – Theme leaders monitor and control progress in line with specific objectives and measures of success
  • Every 6 months – Council reviews progress, based on theme leader reports on the measures of success (issued one week in advance of Council meeting) 
  • Every two and a half years – Secretariat and Strategy Development Group reviews strategy, including statistics
  • Every 5 years – Council reviews strategy
  • Ongoing – All will maintain understanding of external drivers and influences, and propose amendments when necessary


Central resource – Secretariat and Strategy Manager

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will continue to provide the secretariat to the Council and its working groups. Industry (including the trade associations) funded a full time Strategy Manager to develop this strategy. BEIS and industry will support this role into the future, at two days per week, renewable annually. The purpose of the role will be to sustain critical mass, and momentum, for delivery of the growth strategy by the marine industries. It will be established as a secondment to BEIS.

These roles will cooperate to develop, coordinate and encourage the strategic change which is required. They will facilitate repeatable periodic surveys to monitor progress against the Council’s objectives.

The Working Groups

The development of this Strategy has been achieved largely through the working groups to encourage cooperation objectives. The groups are generally open to representatives of trade associations, companies, academia, public bodies and other stakeholders. The costs of running Working Groups lie where they currently fall within industry and Government.

The Working Groups are as follows: 

  1. Industries & Leadership Group
  2. Image Working Group 
  3. International Trade & Export Group
  4. Maritime Autonomous Systems Group
  5. Marine Sector Skills Group
  6. Sustainability & Regulation Group
  7. Supply Chain Group
  8. Technology & Innovation Group


To get involved email info@ukmarinealliance.co.uk