UK Marine Overview

What are the UK Marine Industries?

UK vessels, marine systems and equipment, skills and expertise are recognised throughout the world.  The UK marine industries are diverse, providing a wide range of capabilities in key market sectors, including leisure, naval, commercial and offshore renewable energy.  The UK marine industries have competitive strengths that will allow them to address some significant potential growth opportunities in coming years and make a major contribution towards the Government achieving its policy objectives of rebalancing the UK economy by activity and geographically.


Do the marine industries matter?

The marine industries are important to the UK, employing nearly 90,000 people. The UK is the fourth largest shipbuilder in Europe in terms of Gross Value Added (GVA), and the third largest in boat-building. It leads the world in offshore renewable power development. The marine industries also have real opportunities for growth; for example, in naval and leisure export markets, and in offshore renewables. The UK Marine Industries Alliance strategy highlights the importance of collaboration - and of thinking and acting like a globally-competitive and world-class industry - if we are to make the most of these business opportunities. Our breadth of experience and capability means that the UK is well placed to exploit future opportunities in both domestic and international markets.


Did you know?