Supply Chain Group

Further Development - Supply Chain Group

The Council will also develop a theme to improve viability of, and delivery by, the supply chain and ensuring continuity of supply and opportunities for SMEs.

Further Development Theme Objectives

A viable and outward looking supply chain is essential and provides a wide and diverse range of goods and services. It is a primary source of innovation and employment that is geographically and technically diverse. Much like the automotive industry the supply chain of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the maritime sector is a multiplier in terms of employment and growth. It employs several times those directly employed

by the major companies who deliver the medium to large capital projects.

The supply chain is extremely diverse ranging from the artisan small boat builder, through bespoke, complex and technically challenging equipment manufacturers, to large capital projects such as ports, ships and offshore installations for wave, wind and tidal power. It also includes the intellectual capital embodied in design, classification and regulation.

The base is so wide and extensive it has proved difficult to articulate its importance in terms of shape, size and contribution to GDP and exports. This needs to be more clearly communicated to local and national policy makers and to the public at large in order to provide growth opportunities.

The lack of a coherent voice severely limits the ability of the sector to influence maritime policy such as legislation, competition policy, and regulation, and to attract funding at the European and national levels.  With this background the Council will form a working group to work with trade associations and key suppliers to input on how growth opportunities can be improved.