Marine Sector Skills Group

As established by SEMTA, the Marine Sector Skills Group’s main duty is to make recommendations to the Board of SEMTA, Government, Devolved Administrations and key agencies throughout the UK on policies and priorities for improving skills and productivity.

The four key goals of the Sector Skills Council, which will be linked to activity, are:

• Reduce skills gaps and shortages and anticipate future needs, through leverage on the supply side, and help employers and individuals to make informed career and personal development choices.

• Improve productivity, business and public services performance through specific strategic actions based on the analysis of sectoral priorities.

• Increase opportunities to develop and improve the productivity of everyone in the sector’s workforce, including action to address equal opportunities.

• Improve learning supply, including the development of apprenticeships, higher education and of national occupational standards.


• The Marine Sector Skills Group has strengthened relationships among stakeholders, and continues to expose the skills agenda to a widening community of SMEs.

• It has shaped SEMTA’s employer engagement model. SEMTA has assisted 12% of the UK marine industry since 2009 to identify their main business drivers and skills needs, and over 100 companies made a return on investment through a strategic investment in skills. 

• It has linked developments in the Composites Sector Strategy Group focused on the creation of the skills and qualifications required to support developments in this materials/technology area.

• It has also linked the Technology Roadmap to identification of Knowledge & Skills required to enable the technological aspiration.

Broader Objectives: 

1. To develop a Marine Strategic Objectives plan from 2011 to 2016 focused on skills.

2. To secure Growth & Innovation Fund resource for High Level Skills online tool, Business to Skills Diagnostic service, Apprenticeship Agency, Joint Investment Programme providing up to 50% funding for high priority skills needs and skills roadmaps in marine industries.

3. To secure Employer Investment Fund resource to improve the level of female progression and support the effective redeployment of staff from the MoD into marine science, engineering and manufacturing.

4. To develop a marine skills roadmap to build a clear understanding of skills demand and improve skills supply.

5. To drive further employer engagement and offer added value by providing a ‘one stop shop’ for expert advice and funding in skills and organisational development.