International Trade & Exports Group

This group existed before the Council was established, as the UKTI “Marine Sector Advisory Group”. It now reports to both the UKTI and the Council, in order to minimise duplication and build on established expertise. It includes trade associations, companies and UKTI representatives. The Advisory Group, through its individual and collective experience, seeks to advise and assist UK companies in their selling of goods and services into the export markets of businesses operating in the marine sector.

Broad Objectives:

1. To establish an export market strategy for maximising the opportunity for SMEs to win international business using all of the business tools available to UK Trade & Investment.

2. To review this strategy regularly to establish its effectiveness.

3. To provide the British Industry view with regards to overseas market opportunities to the Marine Team of the International Sectors Group (within ISG5).

4. To review action plans proposed by the Marine Team of the International Sectors Group and its proposed uses of the annual programme budget.

5. To communicate to Government and its various Agencies how their help can best be channelled in pursuit of the strategy.

6. To encourage an improvement in the sharing of export opportunity information amongst UK companies.

7. To support and/or participate in ministerial, ISG and business led missions.

8. To receive occasional overview perspectives from major suppliers and SMEs.

9. To ensure that its own membership appropriately reflects the benefactors of UK Trade &  Investment assistance to exporters and overseas investors.